Family Road Trip Hacks

The Best Travel Hacks for Parents

It's time to pack up the family and hit the road for a family vacation. While most family vacations aren't full of rest and relaxation, they should be full of family time and fun. However, before you leave for your vacay, here are some of the best travel hacks to make your trip with your family run a little smoother. 

  • An over-the-door shoe organizer is simple to pack and is perfect to hang in the bathroom. Rather than let everyone's lotions, soaps, makeup, hair products, and styling tools take up all the counter space, pop everything into the pockets to keep the bathroom organized.
  • A roll-up cosmetic bag makes a perfect pool bag. Pack toys, goggles, money, and even a book for Mom or Dad to read into each compartment. Now everything your family needs for a day at the pool stays organized and is easy to carry.
  • Use a hanging sweater organizer as a cubby in a hotel room. It's perfect as a catch-all for shoes, souvenirs or electronics. For early mornings, save time by designating each pocket for your kids' outfits so everyone can get ready and out the door in a flash.
  • Pack a few clothespins because after splashing in a pool or the ocean, you can attach the clothespins to the shower curtain to hang wet bathing suits and towels for a quick and space saving dry. You can also use clothespins as toothbrush holders so your toothbrushes aren't sitting on the bathroom counter.
  • Make the most of your closet space by creating your own hanger extenders. Use the top of a soda can and thread a hanger hook through it. Now there's need to live out of a suitcase with this hack.
  • Need to get up early? Order room service. I'll always get up for coffee and my kids will rise and shine for chocolate milk delivered to our hotel door.
  • Rent when you can and skip packing extras. Call your hotel to see if they offer beach chair and umbrella rentals and if they give out beach towels. Less is more when you're packing.
  • Pack snacks you can toss in a bag to bring on every outing and excursion. Nothing is worse than a hungry kid on vacation.
  • Don't forget to pack water bottles so your little ones stay hydrated and you don't have to spend a small fortune on buying water. Be sure to pack dish soap to clean the bottles at night.     
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