Insurance for Deer Accidents

We've been seeing a HUGE amount of deer around lately - it seems like more than usual. We've had deer on our front porch, casually hanging out in our driveway, and running from yard to yard in our neighborhood. Usually deer spike in the fall, but they seem to be hanging around much longer this year. They dart out when you least expect them, and sometimes you can't react quickly enough.

Try to avoid the accident.
Obviously, try to brake and miss the deer. But you don't want to make things worse. Be careful about swerving so much so that you cause another accident. Hitting another car or an inanimate object is a collision, which can cause more issues with the insurance. Hitting a deer is usually covered under comprehensive.

Get your car home, or to a shop.
If your car is drivable, move it safely, and call. You don't need a police report (usually) for deer, but it never hurts and can help expedite the claim. You'll also need to determine if you can get the car home or to the shop, or if you'll need a tow. 

Call your insurance.
If you have comprehensive coverage, you're covered. However, there's not a cut and dry answer for how your rates or deductible will be handled. Your agent will be able to help you. Sometimes, if it's your first comprehensive claim, the deductible may be waived.

It's frustrating, but it can be dealt with quickly and easily!