Taking a road trip? Surely you will be taking pictures during the trip. From pictures of your family loading up the car to pictures of fun places at your destination, there are lots of memories to be captured. With the rise of social media, there are certain pictures you will notice are always captured. While these are fun even if overdone, there are also some pretty special shots you can get to enhance the personal memories while on the journey. Here are some ideas of 7 photos to capture on a road trip.

The People

A group photo is a must. In fact several group photos are a must. The first one has to be right in from of the car. Set a timer, grab a neighbor and get the shot. Group shot once you reach your destination and a group shot once you start the journey back and at the end of the journey.  These 4 shots will be fun to compare and may bring a lot of laughs or discussion just based on how everyone looks at the start and at the end of each leg of your trip. Pretty sure people will look a lot different in each one.

Nature Scenery

See any interesting trees, flower fields or plants. Visiting a fun garden or taking a hike on a trail.  Be sure to capture the native beauty f]of the area. You can also snap pictures of people of photos in nature. Think of an up close shot of your child smelling a flower or running through a field.

Landmarks and Structures

Visiting any fun landmarks? Snap pictures of them or or yourself in front of them. Take up close shots of the architecture, details and even signs that tell the story of the structure. Older buildings might just have a cornerstone with the yer they were built.


In a small town? You might see cute buildings, old fashioned restaurants or diners. Small town
centers, street signs and even bricked roads will great pictures to capture for memories.

Road Signs 

There will always be welcome signs at the start of each state as well as Goodbye signs in some states. Snap these as well as mileage post marks and interesting signs like "cow crossings" for example.

License Plates

Ok don't share these online but capturing interesting license plates are a cute way to remember the cars you saw and where they are from. See which plate you can capture that comes from a place really far away. You might just be surprised how far people travel on road trips.

Night Shots

You will no doubt be up at night on your trip either during the drive or each night at your
destination. Take photos of the night sky, the skyline and any interesting structures you come across at night. Statues are fun to capture at night because of how they look against the dark
night scape or lights.